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01. Burton Guster and food requested by anonymous

"I beg your pardon? My name is Black. His name is Tan. I can’t believe you just made that assumption. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family."

We’ve been shopping for schools for our son, Joshie. We understand that you teach The English. He’s shown a real talent in that arena. 

psych s01e07: who ya gonna call? | “so we’re really not talking now? come on, how mature is this? the silent treatment is not how conflict is resolved, gus. we need to work through this, we need to share our feelings. maybe a smoothie.”

so, he is a pharmaceutical salesman who moonlights at a psychic detective agency. and once at camp, he wet his pants.”

This is San Francisco, it’s a little more structured perhaps than you’re use to.